12 oz paper cup information


Paper cups, like other types of disposable dishes, ensure the comfort of consumption of drinks and products in “to go” format. Today it is difficult to imagine any city without fast food. Each of them uses disposable paper dishes and packaging.

    The wall of a paper cup 12 oz (340 ml) is made of laminated cardboard with a one-sided lamination, density of 210 + 18 gsm. A dense layer of lamination makes it possible to better hold the temperature of the drink, and also makes the finished cup more rigid. The bottom is made of laminated cardboard with double-sided lamination with a density of 13 + 170 + 18 gsm. The use of double-sided lamination for the bottom makes it possible to minimize the likelihood of leakage, since the bottom reliably rolls on both sides.

    The raw material is a high-quality cardboard of Chinese production with a rather loose structure and a qualitative layer of lamination. Printing is done with food paints on professional equipment, as a result of which the finished product has no extraneous smells.

    Dimensions of 12oz cup: diameter of the top – 80 mm, height – 113 mm, diameter of the bottom – 53 mm.

    Dimensions of the lid for 12oz cup: diameter – 80 mm.

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12oz paper cup size

Lid for 12oz paper cup size